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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

We are proud to offer a range of residential awning solutions, including high-quality retractable awnings to enhance your home’s outdoor experience. Retractable awnings offer shade and weather protection so you, your family and your guests can enjoy your backyard patio or deck year-round. Our residential retractable awnings come equipped with either a simple hand crank or a motor for ease of use. Choose from a variety of vibrant fabrics for a retractable awning from Lafayette Awning that will update your outdoor living space with style and function. 

If you want a retractable awning for your patio or deck, contact the experts at Lafayette Awning! 

Retractable Residential Awnings by Lafayette Awning

Residential retractable awnings for patios and decks provide increased outdoor accessibility and reliable shade coverage. Upgrade your outdoor living space with a unique and stylish retractable awning by Lafayette Awning. Protect your outdoor space from the hot sun with a low maintenance retractable awning installed by the pros at Lafayette Awning today. 

Our retractable awnings are manufactured by Sunair, who has been protecting families from sun and rain since 1978. 

A SUNAIR® retractable lateral arm awning is the ideal shading solution for decks and patios. They can be conveniently mounted on the wall, sofit or roof for additional headroom. With a simple hand crank or the convenience of an optional motor, your awning will instantly protect you and your family from the elements. On cloudy days or when not in use, your Sunair® awning is completely self-storing. It eliminates the need for seasonal removal and storage. With over 30 years of experience, Sunair® is the innovator in the industry. We have engineered the most durable arm systems, using the strongest materials and the most sophisticated arm design.

Commercial Retractable Awnings

Outdoor dining areas at restaurants and cafes, along with storefronts and office buildings, may want to offer retractable awnings for sun and weather protection. The licensed contractors at Lafayette Awning can engineer and install your commercial retractable awning to provide your guests and clients with shade and beauty. 

Our fabric options, along with our customization options, allow you to brand yourself above your doors or patios with a beautiful, high-quality retractable awning. 

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Our retractable awnings feature marine-quality fabric from Sunbrella, designed to withstand weather like harsh sun and ongoing moisture. Made of commercial grade quality fabric, Sunbrella’s awning fabric comes in a huge selection of options. Take a look at your options and start planning your outdoor space’s upgrade today!